A household of Ilija Milošević

A household of Ilija Milošević is located at the entrance of Arandjelovac, opposite Risovača Cave. This household was probaby set up by Sreten Milošević, a great-grandfather of the last owner Ilija Milošević. Seven facilities of the original household have been preserved within a spacious yard: an old house, a newer house, a small wooden house (sr. vajat), a milk storage, a warehouse, a barn and a well. The household of Ilija Milošević describes a typical rural unit from the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. As such, this household was declared a cultural monument in 1992, and since 2007 it has been under the auhority of the National Museum in Arandjelovac.

The household has been preserved until today with almost the same facilities that existed when it was set up. An old house, a small wooden house – vajat, a milk storage, a warehouse and a newer house all have monumental properties. The entire household is a significant monument of traditional construction manner in Šumadija of the 19th century.

Due to conservation and restoration works, the Household is not always open for visitors. Occasionally, there can be organized ethnographic exhibitions, children workshops and other events.