The National Museum in Arandjelovac was established in 1981 and situated in a facility built specially for that purpose whose architecture cherishes traditional construction standards of Šumadija. (a designer F.Baylon).

The Museum performs its main activity of research, study, protection and presentation on the territory of two municipalities, Topola and Arandjelovac. Conceptually, it represents the institution of the protection of a complex type containing the collections from paleontology, archaeology, ethnology, history, history of art and numismatics. Professional work is performed within departments, for each of the research and protection areas. There is also a Department for Conservation and Restoration within the Museum.

An exhibition activity of the Museum is organized in two different areas: on the ground floor (a current exhibition Millenniums) and in the gallery (an exhibition of the contemporary ceramic items from the Museum collection). One part of the exhibition area on the ground floor is reserved for organizing thematic and guest exhibitions.


The National Museum is in charge of important localities.
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Publishing is another activity we perform with special focus and commitment.
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