The National Museum in Arandjelovac, as the main unit, is in charge of the protected area Risovača Cave. Being an important archaeological site from Paleolithic period, Risovača has been declared both cultural and natural monument of a great and exceptional significance (a monument of I category) due to its natural and cultural values and properties.

The Cave has been arranged in line with all standards of modern appearance and has more than 20,000 visitors a year. The Museum is also in charge of Orašac the Famous Village, the Ossuary Monument and a household of Ilija Milošević.

Educational work within the Museum is one of very important competencies of its curators and guides. Special focus is directed toward educational workshops for pre-school and school children and teenagers. Additonally, workshops for adults, different lectures and promotions of Museum’s editions are also organized here.

The Museum deals with publishing activity too – catalogues of collections and exhibitions, monographs, guides for the Museum and Cave and other publications; the Collection of Museum Works Šumadijski zapisi (en. Šumadija’s notes) was launched in 2003.