Administration service

Since 2008 when employed in the National Museum in Arandjelovac, a curatorial administrator has been permanently working to improve managing of documentation of Museum files. Both curatorial administrator and curator collection have been trained to work in ETERNITAS application.


Professional museum library contains more than 3300 books (monographs, catalogues of collections and exhibitions, guides, encyclopedias…) and over 2100 papers of professional periodicals. These numbers are in a constant increase, not only by exchanging of publications with related institutions or by the act of giving as a gift, but also by purchasing most necessary books. There is not a specially equipped room for the library, and the books are placed on the shelves in two curatorial offices.

Educational service

Educational service department in the Museum deals with a wide range of activities devoted to Museum audience in three different facilities: the Museum, protected area of Natural Monument Risovača (Risovača Cave) and a household of Ilija Milošević.

The employees within Educational service department interpret the exhibitions in the Museum and guide the visitors through the Cave trying to bring forth the atmosphere from Paleolithic period and Ice Age, whereas in a household of Ilija Milošević they explain the purpose of the traditional facilities. They also create the workshops for children and adults with a help of assistants and curators of different professions. Those workshops are inspired by the content of the permanent exhibition Millenniums, World of Ceramics, our locally popular and guest exhibition. There are also many lectures and discussions organized within and outside our facilities.

Working with the audience, especially with the youngest, is particularly inspiring. A great deal of our attention is focused to the work with pre-school and school children so as to give them the opportunity not to be observers only but to actively take part in the events and exhibitions in our facilities. The idea is to encourage them to participate during tours and visits, at least by answering to their questions. Our traditional workshops are the ones organized at Easter holidays as well as the workshops during the event Museum children summer (July – August). In the course of some special and important holidays or cultural and natural events, there are still other workshops organized.

The employees spread good news about our institution and activities by selling souvenirs and promotional material so we always have satisfied visitors who come back even after a few years.

The employees in the Educational service:
– Mrs Lila Drobac-Krstić, a curator, A Household of ilija Milošević
– Ms Divna Vesić, a senior guide, Risovača Cave,
– Mr Marko Grujić, a guide, Risovača Cave,
– Mr Dejan Milanov, a guide, Risovača Cave and
– Mrs Jelena Dunić Vujić, a guide, the National Museum