Marićevića jaruga (en. Maricevica gully)

Memorial fountain was built in 1954 on the 150th anniversary of the First Serbian Uprising in Marićevića jaruga near the church.

The fountain is the part of a larger retaining wall built of stone blocks. There are three marble arched plates in the central part of this fountain. The central one has a carved text:

At this point, on February 15th 1804,
the First Serbian Uprising broke out.

On both left and right panels of the Fountain four verses from a famous epic poem Početak bune protiv dahija (en. The beginning of the Revolt against the Dahijas) have been carved. On the right of a stone retaining wall there is a copper panel with Karadjordje figure and a framed inscription Verhovni Vožd naroda serbskog (en. Supreme leader of Serbian people).

The figure of Karadjordje was modelled by Raja Nikolić, a sculptor from Arandjelovac. A relief Zakletva ustanika (en. Rebels’ oath) by Z. Miladinović and M.Rajić was set by foundation association The First Serbian Uprising.

Church of the Ascension

Church in Orašac was built in the period from 1868 – 1870. The designer is unknown. In architectural terms, the church is a modest and plain building with well-balanced proportions and simple shapes. The rectangular basis has an outside pentagonal apse on the eastern side and semi-circular altar apse inside. On the western side of the church there is an entrance hall. A bell tower is placed in the western part. Arches are semi-solid with a gable roof. The apse has been covered by semi-calotta. Massive walls have been plastered inside and outside and then painted.

An exceptional artistic value is reflected in the iconostasis of the church painted by Nikola Marković, one of the most eminent Serbian artist from the second half of the 19th century. The iconostasis has 24 icons introducing the Saints and the scene from the history of the New Testament. The northern pilaster has a memorial plaque built in and made of white marble. It has been dedicated to the soldiers fighting in the Balkans wars.

A memorial tomb of Teodosije Marićević, situated in the church yard, enriches the memorial site in Orašac. This prince and trader from Jasenovac is famous for being present when the decision on the Uprising in 1804 was made. He was born in Orašac and was one of the canidates for the head of the Uprising. Until 1980, on the tomb made of dark reddish stone there was not any epitaph. Then, the following inscription was carved:

+Teodosije Marićević + 1807
Tomb was restored by his descendant Marko 1980