Rsiovača Cave

Have a look at the remote past

Risovača Cave is located on the hill of the same name at the very entrance of Arandjelovac. There used to be a quarry, on the right of a small river Kubršnica. In 1950, during some works, a cave was accidentally discovered here.

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Working hours

Every day (holidays and weekends too) 9:00 – 17:00.

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Ticket price is 200 RSD (∽ 1,5 EUR). The Cave can be visited individually or in group.

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Risovačka stena krajem ledenog doba


An abundance of fossil remains of Pleistocene animal species saved in cave deposits makes Risovača Cave a unique paleontological site in Serbia. Among these animals there are extinct species such as Cave Bear, Cave Hyena, Steppe Bison, Giant Deer, Aurochs and Zebra-like Horse.

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About Risovača Cave
At the entrance of Arandjelovac, on the right of a small river Kubršnica, there is a Risovača hill with a
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