The territory of Arandjelovac municipality was poorly populated until the first half of the 18th century. The first settlement took place in the period between signing the Treaties of Požarevac and Belgrade, respectively (1718-1739), when the entire Šumadija region, governed by the Austrians, became an interesting place for many Serbs who were living under the Ottoman ruling.

Although Vrbica was said to be an uninhabited place in 1718, seventeen years later it appeared to be a “ditch” with about 50 houses and a headquarter of the military district commander, Mijuško Kujundžić, the captain. After the Treaty in Svištov in 1791, the people from Sjenica region started to settle down. At the beginning of 19th century Vrbica was the largest village in the Principality of Jasenica with 90 houses.

The period around the First Serbian Uprising (1803-1814) saw the most numerous settlement waves of Arandjelovac region with the people from Novi Pazar, Pešter and Bihor (the Dinaric Alps). This trend continued until the end of the first half of 19th century. The settlers occupied the land “freely” and cleared the forests to get the territory for cultivating and to build the houses only to the extent they needed to support their families.